Juggling to-do lists, schedules, email and paper can eat up precious time and energy. I work with busy women to set up systems for managing their personal and work logistics.  We work together to streamline your tasks, so you are freed up to focus on whatever you want to focus on, with the confidence that comes from knowing you’re on top of it all.  You’ll be amazed at how light and in control you’ll feel.

“Kelly is superb. ... Whether it is for a few hours or a few months, Kelly is worth her weight in gold. Five stars across the board.”

— R. Waite, Partner, Keeney Waite & Stevens

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Hi. I’m Kelly.

I’m not naturally organized - so I get how you feel. As a patent litigator working at a big law firm, I quickly grew frustrated with how much time I wasted trying (and often failing) to slog through my never-ending jumble of to-do items and email — and how much stress it caused me. Through research and experience, I imposed order on the chaos. I found clarity, a new ability to focus and be present with friends and family, and time to accomplish my goals. Let’s get you there, too.

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Working with Kelly has been an absolute dream and breath of fresh air. Being an entrepreneur, wife, and mom, my plate tends to fill up very quickly. Kelly helped me organize my calendar in a way that has truly eliminated so much overwhelm that I’d been experiencing in the past. I can now look at my week with confidence and joy, seeing everything organized and in it’s place. She has also been a huge resource for me in the process of hiring an employee: her insight and knowledge is unsurpassed. I can’t wait to continue working with Kelly as my business grows and new needs arise. If you’re a sole entrepreneur, small business, or large corporation, work with Kelly! She’ll save you time, money, and headaches - most of all, she’ll help you bring more freedom and balance into your work and life.
— Monica Watson, Berlin Skin, Founder + CEO
Kelly’s organizational and communication skills are exceptional. She is extremely efficient in setting up systems, creating detailed checklists and implementing and monitoring deadlines. Best of all, Kelly is a compassionate human being who cares deeply for her clients. If you are looking for an energetic, kind and fun professional to help you with your project, please consider Kelly. You will be glad that you did.
— Emily Behrmann, Broker-Associate, New Wave Real Estate
Kelly was personable and friendly and never got flustered. I never felt judged because of my paper-heavy, cluttered office. With an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth and a law degree from Boston College as well as big law firm experience, Kelly is smart as a whip - and she understands how law firms and complex organizations work. She has a PhD in decluttering and organizing. She helped us create and keep deadlines, always with a smile and a kind word. Kelly is superb.
— R. Waite, Partner, Keeney Waite & Stevens
Kelly’s extraordinary organizational sense, her quick intelligence, and wisdom about setting up systems that work have made a big difference in my life. From organizing my computer files, to my work flow, filing, and reminder systems, ... Kelly has an excellent handle on it all. Not only that, she has the compassion, warmth, humor and perspective to turn what I saw as drudgery into a project I look forward to completing with her. The value of her service far exceeds the cost, and I am immensely grateful to have the pleasure of working with her.
— Elizabeth, Director of Sales & Marketing
After working with Kelly, I no longer feel imprisoned by boring, infinite paperwork. Kelly listened to my preferences and developed a system using Google Calendar, a tickler file, and one simple desktop organizer. I have key data from bills on a spreadsheet and can shred unnecessary papers. I have a system for dealing with paper that eliminates clutter and reduces the time I spend processing paper. Best of all, I no longer head toward my desk with a sense of dread. It was a pleasure to work with Kelly, and I’m still reaping the benefits.
— M.M., Writer & Community Volunteer