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K E L L Y  
N O L A N   L L C
Productivity & Organizing Specialist
San Diego, California

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Whether you run a small business or oversee a busy home, it's common to struggle with information chaos.  We get inundated by mail, email, bills, financial and medical information, project-related correspondence and more.  Information and important documents get lost.  Inefficiency results.  We know it, but our efforts to impose order on the chaos often take a backseat to work and life obligations.  As an attorney and mom, I get it.

Let me help you bring order to the chaos.  I'll help you set up systems - in your business and/or home - to ensure that all important information is captured, easily retrievable, and will appear when you need it.  You'll be amazed at your improved efficiency and clarity of thought.  You'll also enjoy the resulting increase in time you have for fun!  Let's get started.

While practicing law in Boston and San Diego, I most enjoyed bringing order to an often chaotic situation for a client.  I also personally experienced both the benefits of being organized and the struggle to maintain organization when life gets busy.  I firmly believe organization allows for greater focus and productivity, maximized efficiency, more time for fun, and peace of mind.  At the same time, I completely understand how organization goes by the wayside when life throws you a curveball.  

I'm here to help if you're struggling to maintain organization at work or at home due to a busy work life, kids, a new life change, or all of the above. My goal is to help you get back on track quickly by helping you to reestablish and maintain order.  There is nothing more rewarding than helping you set up systems you can trust to capture key information and events -- increasing productivity and decreasing stress.  These systems allow you to say goodbye to the days of nagging worry that you missed an event, forgot to prepare for a meeting, or overlooked a deadline. Instead, you can proceed with the confidence and peace of mind that you're on top of it all.

Let's get started.


Client Reviews

I have had the great fortune to hire Kelly Nolan to tackle a number of projects that have been weighing me down. Kelly’s extraordinary organizational sense, her quick intelligence, and wisdom about setting up systems that work have made a big difference in my life. From organizing my computer files, to my work flow, filing, and reminder systems, to a daunting family archival project, Kelly has an excellent handle on it all. Not only that, she has the compassion, warmth, humor and perspective to turn what I saw as drudgery into a project I look forward to completing with her. The value of her service far exceeds the cost, and I am immensely grateful to have the pleasure of working with her.
— Elizabeth, Director of Sales & Marketing
What a relief to work with Kelly on my desk mess. I used to moan over desk work saying, ‘Today I’m going to chain myself to my desk.’ After working with Kelly, I no longer feel imprisoned by boring, infinite paperwork. Kelly listened to my preferences and developed a system using Google Calendar, a tickler file, and one simple desktop organizer. I have key data from bills on a spreadsheet and can shred unnecessary papers. I have a system for dealing with paper that eliminates clutter and reduces the time I spend processing paper. Best of all, I no longer head toward my desk with a sense of dread. It was a pleasure to work with Kelly, and I’m still reaping the benefits.
— M.M., Writer & Community Volunteer


Dartmouth College, B.A.

Boston College Law School, J.D.



Contact Information

(619) 880-9003

Also, feel free to request an phone consultation here.


The following is a sample of services I offer.  If you have another project in mind, feel free to contact me -- I'd love to help.
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Home Office

Homes don't need to look picture perfect, but they do need to work for you. Every home experiences a barrage of mail and email everyday that quickly accumulates.  Setting up a command center to help you triage that mail, email, and information on a daily or weekly basis streamlines your ability to process the information, keep track of it, and move on to the more fun parts of your day!  

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Business ORganization

Organization at work is often thwarted by differing ideas of how to get organized, fear of undermining the creative process, and competing demands on time.  Let me help you put systems in place to capture and store important information, enhance efficiency, and draft policies and procedures to help streamline processes going forward -- all while preserving your creative process.

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calendar/time management

Whether you use an electronic or paper calendar, having an effective calendaring system is critical to your organizing success.  Setting up systems to help clients keep track of important events, objectives, and to do items is my favorite part of my job.  No more nagging feelings that you're forgetting to prepare for or attend an important event!